Welcome to the Rehovot Perl Mongers group, also known as Anyone is welcome to join: you don't even have to live in Rehovot! There are no fees nor obligations. If you wish to learn the Perl programming language, discuss Perl problems or share your Perl knowledge with other Perl programmers, this is your place.

Meeting of the Rehovot Perl Mongers

The meetings are currently on pause

If you are interested in restaring them, please contact Dr. Jaime Prilusky (below). If you are interested in joining Perl meetings elsewhere then look at the web site of the Tel Aviv Perl Mongers and/or subscribe to the "mailing list of the Israeli Perl Mongers.

Mailing List:
We welcome you to join our mailing list at Rehovot-pm or by sending and email to with the word subscribe in the subject.

Other Perl Mongers in Israel and elsewhere:
The full list of all the Perl user groups can be found on the central web site of the Perl Mongers. In Israel there are three active groups. In addition to the Rehovot Perl Mongers there is also the Israeli Perl Mongers and Perl Mongers in Jerusalem

This website:
The leader of the Rehovot Perl Mongers is Dr Jaime Prilusky The website is maintained by him and by Gabor Szabo. The source of the website can be found on Github.

Related websites:
Gabor Szabo is the editor and publisher of the Perl Weekly newsletter and the Perl Maven web site including the Free Perl Tutorial